See, Monitor and Control your grow room from your phone.

Control all aspects of your grow room from a single programmable controller – Use it to monitor environmental conditions and program it to control the environment by turning on and off devices such as lighting, CO2, A/C and vents automatically!

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Temperature (-40 to 80°C)
Humidity (5% to 95% rH)
CO2 (NDIR Dual Beam)
Just about anything else
Automatic Restart Delay
High and Low CO2 Alarm
High and Low Humidity Alarm
High and Low Temperature Alarm
High Temp Shut-off
High Temp Shut-off Alarm
UL and CUL Approved

Controlling your Grow has never
been so easy.

The Hydropods App gives you remote access to monitor sensor data in real time and control any connected devices. You can easily set up rules including sensor triggers, timers, and schedules to automate the grow process.

Data-driven Farming Practices
Better Results

Powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud, Hydropods Analytics puts comprehensive, precise, and relevant information in the hands of growers to significantly improve logistics, productivity, and profitability – and ultimately maximize crop yield potential.

Control all your grow equipment with remote Power Blocks.

Add unlimited Power Block On/Off Outlets to switch on and off any hardware such as ventilation blowers, pumps, lights, dehumidifiers, foggers/humidifiers, water chillers, heaters, fans, or just about any other electrical device.

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Grow Camera with Plant Health Technology

Monitor your grow remotely and create a timelapse movie of your plants as they grow and bloom. Capture plants health, growth rate and all behaviors.

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“We wanted the system to be as reliable and easy-to-use as possible, and Hydropods provides that,” said Tripp Williamson, CEO of Vertical Crop Consultants and CropBox. “We deliver our customers their CropBox with the Hydropods technology fully installed, ready for them to configure for their planting needs.”

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